Iran, because of having the rich resources in the fields of oil, gas, mining and natural resources, has high potential to become an industrial country. We belive that more and more effort is needed to bring our country to it’s rightful place in terms of industrial and technological that is worthy of it’s name. And by providing the sustainable development requirements, this country can gain more effective roll in global arena.

We as Behnia Industrial Co., besides needs assessment and identifing opportunities for activity in the industrial and manufacturing sectors of of Iran, have stepped in Iranian industrial market and because of hiring young, professional and efficient Staff that have apporopriate experiance in many fields of industrial and manufacturing activities, are trying to play an effective and suitable roll in Iranian industrial development Procedure.

We hope to be able to help Iran Industrial in this path by offering modern engineering and technical services with high quality and in international standards.

Major features and services provided

  • Represent several leading European brand in various industrial fields
  • Imports of parts, equipment and machinery, including mechanical, electrical and special equipment for various industries, including drilling, steel-making, oil and gas
  • Consulting and site visit for various industries using Specialized Teamworks of respective industries and offer new ways to update and increase the efficiency and productivity of production lines
  • Provide after-sales service and consulting services for products periodic maintenance
  • Providing consultations and solutions in the field of specialized technical inspections for equipment importation
  • Compilation, preparation and presentation of technical documents, specifications and approval documents and inspection of equipment provided in accordance with world standards

Quality Policy

  • Trying to increase customers satisfaction and improve the quality of services provided
  • Implementation of projects in terms of schedules and quality levels expected by customers
  • Continuous and appropriate training for personnel to improve their skills and abilities
  • Trying to improve and update technologies and equipment used in Iran industry

Missions & Visions

  • Trying to create an effective and efficient organization for the purpose of manufacturing in Iran
  • Employ experenced and qualified staff to offering consulting, technical and economical services to all active companies operating in various fields of Iranian industrial market
  • Trying to provide more participation of top companies in the world industrial sector into Iranian Industies
  • Support local industries and local production
  • Trying to improve and update technologies and equipment used in Iran industrial